Why Shop For Rescues?

 Why Shop For Rescues?

Last year there were almost 7.5 million cats and dogs in shelters and almost 2.6 million of them were euthanized… and that cute pony that the kids were riding at summer camp?? Well, it was loaded onto a kill trailer because the owner was too selfish, self-centered and self-serving to take care of it after using it….dogs, cats and horses don’t think about money…

So our story is that rather than just stand by and watch or write proposals for grants that are never enough or be reliant upon others who moved slower than paint dries, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Armed with the belief that we could make a difference, we started this business because we didn’t like the things we were seeing, knowing we would only answer to the one thing that lay beyond our synthetic knowledge…

The plan at Shop For Rescues is to use the business to try and save animals found suffering in abusive homes, overcrowded municipal shelters and kill environments by donating a large portion of the revenues derived through the sale of pet products and supplies with the general buying public.

...and with each purchase, and we mean every purchase that occurs every time, the customer determines and directs SFR to donate 20% of the gross sale price to support the activities related to the safety and well-being of animals in need from a list of recognized rescues, non-kill shelters, veterinarians and other related organizations.

We won’t sell your data to an analytics company, and we won’t pop-up you to death with “if you buy now” and “get a discount now if you”…. we simply wish to use the sale of pet products as a means to make the life of a dog, cat or horse better - save them when need be. 

For transparency needed to support the mission and encourage community, Shop For Rescues will post and publish the donation totals, the individual names of the 501(c)(3)'s receiving the donation(s), and the correlating purchase codes that correlate with each customer and the date of their purchase(s).

The information/reports will be posted every 30 days. We encourage pet owners to shop and purchase their pet needs with us and support our vision of compassionate commerce; change begins with our actions.