Do good, feel better. Meow!

Life Is Better With A Cat

Shop for your friend, save another!

We believe we’ve put together an assortment of all of the right products your little furball could ever want, need, fantasize over, dream about, purr over and claw for; supplies ranging from cat foods and cat treats to kitty litter and cat toys, cat supplements, cat beds and so much more. 

What we love about cats:

Every cat has his own personality. If you own a cat, or more likely, are owned or have been owned by one, you then know the joy that cats can bring.

We love cats because they are better alarms than any snooze button or clock will ever be - there is nothing like being woken up by sandpaper kitty kisses on your nose.

We also love their whisker kisses.

We love that they come with a vibrating foot-warmer feature.

We love being acknowledged for wearing cat hair as an accessory.

We love that cats can turn almost anything into a toy.

We’re always amazed by the sideways, arched-back, crab-walk thing they do.

When they get that twitch in their sleep, we tell ourselves that they’re dreaming of chasing mice or bugs.

We love soft little pudgy kitten bellies!

Without cats Facebook would have never been able to develop advertising revenues.

We love the way their tails get curly when they’re happy.

We love cats because they are able to capture us with their charm - and they enslave us for decades.

We love the way they can soothe the edges to a hole sitting in the center of our being...

Fun facts about Cat people:

Cat people think cats are far more intelligent than dogs.

Most cat people like to be thought of as “independent, intelligent, thoughtful, and mysterious."

Do good, feel better. Shop for one and save another.

We here at Shop For Rescues would like to encourage you to blog and submit here why you love your cat and how they've made or changed your life.