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Life Is Better With A Dog

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Life is better with a Dog… always… 

We sell food products, treats and other items for dogs and provide dog lovers with products they can feel good about giving their fur baby. 

What we love about dogs:

Experience has shown us that we love the way we feel when we watch each tail wag... it tells us of the love our dog feels towards us.

We love being the world's most appreciated waiter; every day.

We love watching our dogs when they dream...

There's this one spot on their nose that smells like puppy; it is always there - we never, ever forget that smell. We love that smell!

Our dog is most often the best introduction we will ever make!

We love the way they can talk to each of us in their own way.

We love that we can understand our dog’s stare... especially the one that says “are you gonna eat that? Can I have it?”

We love sharing our food.. and that we become the greatest hero ever!

We love puppies. All puppies, a single puppy, piles of puppies, sleeping puppies and playing puppies; did we mention that we all love puppies.

We never ever forget our dog’s unabated compassion and absolute joy.

We love them because all too often they’re the only ones who will listen to us in times of need - they love unconditionally without fail.

We love the pain we feel when they are not with us anymore because we know that we couldn’t have made it through life without them.

We love that they've saved us ... from everything...because all they want to do is love us...

Fun facts about dog people:

There are more dog people than cat people.There are roughly six percent more US households that own dogs than that own cats; survey after survey, people who say they love dogs outnumber cat-lovers by as much as five to one.

We like to believe that dog people are far more sociable and outgoing than cat people. 

Dog people tend to tolerate cats.

There are several popular stereotypes which suggest that “dog people” differ in their personality traits from “cat people.” Most typical dog people have been described as “loyal, direct, kind, faithful."

Dogs are noted for their sociable and affectionate attributes so people with more sociable and warm personalities (i.e. extraverted and agreeable) may feel more affinity for them than for more aloof cats.

Do good, feel better. Shop for one and save another.