Donation Reporting

Welcome to the Shop For Rescues “Donation Reporting” page. It is here where we provide financial transparency related to the donations the company makes directly associated with the purchases of our products.

The purpose behind this site is to create a system that leverages community and utilizes a portion of sales revenue to help support 501(c)(3)’s in their efforts related to the transference of dogs, cats, and horses out of kill environments.

I, with many others, have held the belief that we can create a pathway that re-directs the use of revenues from the sale of pet products to be used to save animal lives.

Every month, here, there will be a report derived from the sales activity of the previous month.

 In the report, you will find the following:

  • A set of codes and dates provided to the various buyers and 501(c)(3)’s during the initial purchase/transaction.
  • The date(s), codes, and amount(s) of monies deposited for the 501(c)3 on behalf of the purchaser into the segregated donation account.
  • The date of donation(s) and associative codes to and for the 501(c)(3) and the name(s) of the 501(c)(3) receiving the donation(s).

The affiliate strategy is but one way to have the 501(c)(3)’s leverage their community/sphere of influence where they can create financial support and reduce operational costs and ultimately save more lives.

We understand that all rescues, whether a small home rescue or a large municipal shelter, quite often struggles for donations to save animal lives; we wish to help those rescues and make a difference.

The US Pet industry is approximately an $19 Billion dollar a year vertical and does about $120 Billion dollars a year globally.

What’s heartbreaking is that the less than 2% goes back to save animals; we know that we can and will do better.

We started this business in my home at my dining room table and we used my personal savings to build and begin to market everything; change begins with one's actions.

Eric Turk, Founder


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