Do good, feel better. Neigh!

Life Is Better With A Horse

Shop for your friend, save another!

We are in the process of adding a new line of horse products. This will greatly enhance the line of horse products we carry. If this creates any problems with finding a product you want or need, please contact us at the email or number below. We should be done in a few days with reconfiguring the categories to accommodate the new products; our aim is to be cruelty free.


We carry a wide variety of horse supplies, including horse grooming products, horse stable supplies, horse toys, horse food and horse healthcare products. 

What we love about horses:

Horses are graceful, glorious creatures. We love the way they’re put together, the way they move, their fluid bodies and shining coats, the way they smell, their velvet noses and ticklish ears.

Horses are majestic and magnificent with character, dignity and grace.

We love that we’re willing to spend every penny we earn on them.

.... that they become our greatest teachers and best friends.

.... that they teach us to care for something other than ourselves.

.... that with caring for a horse comes great responsibility.

Horses will tell you when we are wrong - every single time - and it happens often; the greatest lessons are often in humility.

Life doesn't always go the way we want, expect or plan, and our horse teaches us the way to deal with it. We love that horses teach us to respond rather than react.

Fun truths about horse people:

All Horse people believe that a happy horse makes a happy life.

All Horse people will attempt to put their horse’s needs before their own, even if it brings pain or heartbreak.

Horse people follow the mantra: Horse first.

There is a special place in hell for those that deviate from the aforementioned.

Do good, feel better. Shop for one and save another.

We here at Shop For Rescues would like to encourage you to blog and submit here why you love your horse and how they've made or changed your life.