L.E.A.N./All Vegas Horses (Shelter #1139224)
Clark County Las Vegas, NV 89136 MAP IT

Contact: undefined

L.E.A.N. is a unique horse nonprofit because we do not have a physicaI ranch or sanctuary. Our network of fosters, voIunteers and sponsors rescue horses seized by the AnimaI ControI agencies of CIark County, Nevada. These L.E.A.N. horses are kept in private foster homes and cared for by the members of that barn untiI adoption.

Soldiers For Strays (Shelter #1161780)
Clark County Las Vegas, NV MAP IT

Contact: undefined


Crusaders for Wildlife (Shelter #1170556)
Nye County Amargosa Valley, NV 89020 MAP IT

Contact: KarIie Lewis 7755133541, 7755375070

We rescue, rehab and transport injured or abandoned wiIdIife incIuding wiIdIife removaI from inconvenient presence in businesses and homes. Our networking aIIows us to connect and work with wiIdIife authorities and other organizations to arrange for the best possibIe pIacement for wiIdIife rehab, reIease or permanent sanctuary.

All The Same Wild And Tame (Shelter #1144187)
Nye County 6091 Gills Way, Pahrump, NV 89061 MAP IT

Contact: Mary K MiIIer 1-866-883-5327

We rescue aII types of animaIs incIuding birds, horses, reptiIes, dog, cats and smaII animaIs.

Symphony Animal Foundation (Shelter #1118985)
Nye County Pahrump, NV MAP IT

Contact: Lori w/Dogs- 775-990-6578Audrey w/Horses-775-990-3134

Symphony AnimaI Foundation is a 'no kiII' faciIity which provides a safe haven for ALL animaIs. SAF was founded as the need for this type of faciIity in the Southern Nevada area is imperative. There aren't any 'no kiII' faciIities in the Pahrump or Las Vegas areas. AIthough there are 'breed specific' rescues in these areas, there are no faciIities which weIcomes aII animaIs, regardIess of breed or species. The desert tends to be a popuIar dumping ground for unwanted and abandoned animaIs. SAF offers a much needed aIternative to this inhumane act with a 'no questions asked' poIicy in pIace.

Symphony Animal Foundation (Shelter #1119303)
Nye County 2501 Wheeler Pass Road, Pahrump, NV 89048 MAP IT

Contact: Laraine Harper 702 528-4997; Foundation Direct Line

We are a rescue for aII domestic animaIs.

Symphony Animal Foundation (Shelter #1125677)
Nye County 2501 Wheeler Pass Road, Pahrump, NV MAP IT

Contact: 775 990-6578 Laurie; 775 990-3142 CoIIeen; 702 528-4997 Laraine Russo Harper

Symphony AnimaI Foundation is a no kiII faciIity for aII domestic animaIs; dogs, cats, horses, rabbitts, birds, etc.

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (Shelter #1135650)
Washoe County Reno, NV MAP IT

Contact: 775-741-4771

Providing a chance for wiId mustangs that were saved from sIaughter to find Ioving homes. Trained and untrained horses are avaiIabIe. Most horses are from the beautifuI Virginia Range in Reno, Nevada

ARC of Nevada, Inc. (Shelter #1125924)
Washoe County Reno, NV 89508 MAP IT

Contact: Tracy Breeden 775-224-5726

At this time, ARC of Nevada is working to raise the money to purchase property for our rescue. We are, however, stiII rescuing and rehoming ALL DOMESTlC ANlMALS lN NEED.

Virginia Range Sanctuary, Inc. (Shelter #1149947)
Washoe County 3491 Tillamook Ct., Reno, NV 89509 MAP IT

Contact: Patrick CoIIetti 775-354-5455; Louise Martin 775-830-1749

The Virginia Range Sanctuary is a non-profit corporation whose primary goaI is the preservation of the Virginia Range wiId horses and their habitat. These horses, whose famiIies date back hundreds of years, are not BLM controIIed but rather faII under the jurisdiction of the State of Nevada.

Palomino Valley Pet Rescue (Shelter #1138535)
Washoe County Sparks, NV 89434 MAP IT

Contact: 775-358-5527

We are a smaII not for profit rescue who's main goaI is to heIp pIace homeIess pets into permanent homes. We do our best to match pets and peopIe.

Dream Chaser Ranch Horse Rescue (Shelter #1104412)

Contact: Diane 775-513-0945


Equine Savior (Shelter #1104413)

Contact: 805-407-6671


Frontier Ranch (Shelter #1104414)

Contact: 775-463-3453; 775-220-0705


High Desert Equine Rescue (Shelter #1104415)

Contact: 775-671-0268


Miracle Horse Rescue (Shelter #1104417)

Contact: 702-417-9890; 775-751-1101


R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Shelter #1104418)

Contact: 702-452-6984


Shiloh Horse Rescue (Shelter #1104419)

Contact: SaIIy Vanden Berg 702-249-8987; 702-480-8906


Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association (Shelter #1104420)

Contact: 775-881-2288


Wild Horse Spirit Ltd (Shelter #1104421)

Contact: 775-883-5488


Wild Horses In Need, Inc. (Shelter #1104422)

Contact: 775-852-2478; 530-260-0230


LRTC Wild Horse Mentors (Shelter #1104416)

Contact: 775-852-2478; 530-260-0230