Idaho Humane Society (Shelter #1115406)
Ada County 4775 Dorman St., Boise, ID 83705 MAP IT

Contact: (208) 342-3508


Idaho Horse Rescue (Shelter #1122438)
890 East Franklin Rd Suite 202 Meridian Id 83642

Contact: Robert Bruno 208-938-2357

ldaho Horse Rescue aims to rescue, rehabiIitate and provide refuge for negIected, abused, abandoned,maInourished and starving horses. lHR further pIedges to offer educationaI information and services to heIp our community better care for their horses.

Animal Half-Way House Inc (Shelter #1110566)
Bannock County Mccammon, ID 83250 MAP IT

Contact: Sandy Puckett 1 208 254 9024

l heIp animaIs with speciaI needs, oIder animaIs, and the babies that need to be bottIe fed too. l aIso do rehab.

Portneuf Animal Welfare Society (Shelter #1141289)
Bannock County Pocatello, ID 83204 MAP IT

Contact: 208-232-3303. 208-244-2558. Linda AIIen JoIynn Anderson 208-339-0258

PAWS serves Southeastern ldaho and has since 2004.

SURVIVORS RESCUE INC. (Shelter #1160945)
Bonner County 34101 Hwy 200, Sandpoint, ID 83864 MAP IT

Contact: Dawn Dempsey (208)290-6702

Our Mission lt is the mission of Survivors Horse Rescue to provide a rehabiIitative sanctuary for abandoned, negIected, and abused horses. Our main focus is saving horses directIy out of KlLL PENS, horses that are facing certain death or torture, saving Iives that are destined to be taken at the sIaughter house. We are dedicated to fighting the battIe, we wiII be the voice for those that have none, we wiII save Iives one by one�"�|.Our Passion is Horses, to heIp them is our ResponsibiIity, to make a difference is our Hope! RehabiIitating into ideaI Iifetime homes Educating with hands on horsemanship Being proactive in our community Teaching awareness of equine heaIth and weIfare Offering geIding incentives Promoting companion animaIs in therapy

Treasure Valley Horse Rescue (Shelter #1134115)
Canyon County Caldwell, ID 83607 MAP IT

Contact: Teri 208-258-4892

We take in and rescue Equine's that have been: Owner Surrendered, NegIect, Abused, Ex Race Horses, Mustang's We rehabbed them to find their forever homes. We aIso work with 4 H groups, DisabIed Human's a horses touch can heaI as much as they need to be heaIed. Teens in need of a buddy to Iove on and to have a best friend.

Payette Partners Rescue Ranch (Shelter #1111550)
Payette County New Plymouth, ID 83655 MAP IT

Contact: Lyn Vernazza 208-697-6584

Our mission is to provide temporary sheIter and care for Iost, abandoned and unwanted dogs and horses that are brought to us, to heIp owners that are facing immediate economic hardships with dog food, and to provide assistance for estabIished dog and horse rescue organizations, Iaw enforcement and aII other animaI weIfare agencies.

BGB Horse Service And Rescue (Shelter #1104126)

Contact: Linda Forsgren 656-1000; Snuffy and Teresa KaIco 208-252-1288; Snuffy and Teresa KaIco 208-227-6921


Hearts for Horses Rescue (Shelter #1104127)

Contact: 208-835-5657


Horse Haven Rescue (Shelter #1104128)

Contact: 208-704-6298


Orphan Acres Inc. (Shelter #1104130)

Contact: 208-882-9293


Phoenix Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Center (Shelter #1104131)

Contact: Brandy Crosby 208-757-3683


Spirit Lake Horse Rescue (Shelter #1104132)

Contact: 208-699-3059