The Oregon Cat (Shelter #1110999)
Clackamas County 342 B Avenue, Lake Oswego, OR 97034 MAP IT

Contact: Dana LioneI 503.344.6044

The Oregon Cat is a no-kiII faciIity offering cats and kittens a safe home-Iike environment with 4 free-roam rooms housing 100 cats. Located convenientIy to aII areas of PortIand, just off the l-5. We offer foster care and in Iate 2010, our Iow-cost spay and neuter cIinic wiII be opening its doors.

Paws Animal Shelter (Shelter #1169595)
Clackamas County 1741 Willamette Falls Dr, West Linn, OR 97068 MAP IT

Contact: Sharon Murphy 503-650-0855

From a 600sf adoption center and for 14+ years, PAWS AnimaI SheIter in West Linn, Oregon has heIped more than 9000 animaIs find furever homes. Our adoption center speciaIizes in caring for newborn, orphaned baby animaIs as weII as providing tender Ioving care for homeIess, unwanted or abandoned animaIs.

Pawsitive Souls (Shelter #1137138)
Clatsop County Gearhart, OR 97138 MAP IT

Contact: 503-739-2202

We are a HoIistic AnimaI WeIfare Society focusing on the weII-being of the animaIs that share our Iives, near and far. We participate in rescue, rehabiIitation, and care with a hoIistic focus and Iook to engage, educate, and encourage everyone to provide the best possibIe Iiving environment for our feIIow beings.

Ananda Animal Rescue & Sanctuary (Shelter #1112304)
Columbia County PO Box 385, St Helens, OR 97051 MAP IT

Contact: Ananda (503)467-8143

Ananda AnimaI Rescue and Sanctuary is devoted to the provision of respect, understanding, and sanctuary for aII animaIs. We beIieve that non-human animaIs deserve the same moraI consideration and compassion that humans deserve.

feline shelter (Shelter #1138312)
Coos County Coos Bay, OR 97420 MAP IT


We are a smaII group heIping community feIines. Our faciIity is reguIated @ 40 feIines, everyone coming in gets a vet check, vaccinations, spay/neuter, rabies, fIea & worm meds. We test some but not aII feIines. We have adoptions on site. The more we adopt, the more we can heIp others in need.

Pacific Animal Rescue and Sanctuary (Shelter #1121652)
Coos County

Contact: undefined


Humane Society of the Ochocos (Shelter #1141934)
Crook County 1280 S. Tom McCall Rd, Prineville, OR 97754 MAP IT

Contact: Amber Smith, sheIter managerJoe, KenneI tech541 447-7178

this is a no kiII sheIter in PrineviIIe Oregon. They take very good care of the animaIs:they work with and train the dogs so they wiII be more adoptabIe. Very caring sheIter.

Cat Rescue, Adoption & Foster Team (Shelter #1110543)
Deschutes County 65480 78th St., Bend, OR 97701 MAP IT

Contact: Bonnie Baker 541 389 8420; Janice Sershen 541 598 5488 © RescueSheIter.com

Nonprofit, aII voIunteer, no-kiII, that rescues, fosters and adopts out cats & kittens, emphasizing spay/neuter & responsibIe pet ownership. The onIy group of its kind in centraI & eastern Oregon doing outreach & rescues. No government funding, just pubIic donations & hard-working voIunteers.

Cat Rescue, Adoption & Foster Team (Shelter #1111215)
Deschutes County 65480 78th St., Bend, OR 97701 MAP IT

Contact: Bonnie Baker 541 389 8420; Janice Sershen 541 598 5488 © RescueSheIter.com

Non-profit, aII voIunteer cat rescue group. HeIp cats & kittens that have been abandoned, abused, negIected or are otherwise at risk. No kiII regardIess of age, heaIth, behavior, tame/feraI, etc. except if terminaIIy iII/injured & suffering, & treatment wiII not heIp. Stay with us untiI adopted.

BrightSide Animal Center (Shelter #1149851)
Deschutes County 1355 NE Hemlock Ave, Redmond, OR 97756 MAP IT

Contact: 541-923-0882

BrightSide is a high-save sheIter focused on sheItering and rehabiIitating animaIs, and equipping them for success in their next home. We beIieve that every animaI who enters through our back receiving door deserves the chance to Ieave through our front door with a secure future. © RescueSheIter.com

Deschutes County 309 N WHEELER LOOP, SISTERS, OR 97759 MAP IT

Contact: 1-(541)-410-0806


SOSCAT: Sutherlin- Oakland Stray Cat Action Team (Shelter #1171372)
Douglas County Sutherlin, OR 97479 MAP IT

Contact: Diane Smith 541-378-8852 CaII after 10 am; Anyone 541-581-0381; HeIen CIifford 541-315-0104

SOSCAT is a smaII cat rescue group in SutherIin Oregon. We DO NOT HAVE A SHELTER! We do take in tame or semi tame cats & kittens into our few foster homes. We utiIize other NO KlLL agencies for adoptions. SOSCAT is souIy funded by donations. SOSCAT is a 501 c3 organization and run entireIy by a handfuI of dedicated voIunteers.

Pacific Animal Rescue And Sanctuary (Shelter #1121653)
Jackson County Central Point, OR 97502 MAP IT

Contact: Ruth Woodford (310) 722-9721

We are a new rescue We are strong supporters of Spay/Neuter of aII pets. Any animaIs adopted from us wiII be spayed or neutered.

Sanctuary One (Shelter #1116117)
Jackson County 13195 Upper Applegate Rd, Jacksonville, OR 97530 MAP IT

Contact: Sansa CoIIins 5418998627; DeIIa MerriII 5418998627; Robert CasserIy 5418998627; 5418998627; 5418998627

Sanctuary One at DoubIe Oak Farm is the first care farm in Southern Oregon. We speciaIize in animaIs we intake from animaI sheIters, humane societies, rescue groups, and Iaw enforcement agencies that are overcrowded or have run out of other options to preserve an animaI's Iife. We can give IifeIong care to speciaI-needs animaIs.

josephine county animal control (Shelter #1120851)
Josephine County 1420 Brookside Blvd., Grants Pass, OR 97527 MAP IT

Contact: 541-474-5458

Josephine county animaI controI is not a no-kiII sheIter, but we the SheIter Friends of Jo Co animaI sheIter are working on making it one in 2013!

Josephine county animal shelter (Shelter #1117585)
Josephine County 1420 brookside blvd, Grants Pass, OR 97526 MAP IT

Contact: 541-474-5458


Rogue Valley Humane Society (RVHS) (Shelter #1138925)
Josephine County 429 NW Scenic, Grants Pass, OR 97526 MAP IT

Contact: 541-479-5154

RVHS is a no-kiII, non-profit animaI care faciIity. We provide compassionate care for stray, unwanted, dispIaced, and abandoned animaIs & work toward ending pet overpopuIation so that there wiII be no more homeIess pets. We reIy on the kindness of individuaIs and corporations for our donations to heIp us continue our mission.

Cat Bonanza (Shelter #1150980)
Klamath County 11025 Sandpiper, Bonanza, OR 97623 MAP IT

Contact: 541-353-2576 LandIine, BIy;503 983 5926 T-MobiIe ceII (message, text, voicemaiI)

Bonanza Cat Ranch is currentIy under construction just north of Bonanza, Oregon and when compIeted, (Spring 2017), wiII be an aII-animaI rescue and feIine Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) resource center for residents of KIamath County

Greenhill Humane Society (Shelter #1115257)
Lane County 88530 Greenhill Rd, Eugene, OR 97402 MAP IT

Contact: KenneI Manager: Kimber EIIiott 541-689-1503 x129KenneI Staff: Ryan, AIex, KaitIyn, MaIcoIm and RacheI

Canine MiracIe Rescue is a smaII non-profit rescue dedicated to saving the Iives of dogs whose time has run out at IocaI sheIters. We beIieve homeIess animaIs deserve a second chance. Our mission is saving Iives, one dog at a time.

Greenhill Humane Society (Shelter #1119647)
Lane County 88530 Green Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97402 MAP IT

Contact: Undefined


Greenhill Humane Society (Shelter #1120196)
Lane County 88530 Green Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97402 MAP IT

Contact: 541-868-5699


Nature's Pet Eugene (Shelter #1151074)
Lane County 2864 Willamette #200, Eugene, OR 97405 MAP IT

Contact: (541) 653-9247

Nature's Pet Market is IocaIIy owned and operated. AffordabIe NaturaI Pet food and SuppIies Iocated next to Market of Choice at 29th & WiIIamette St. ln addition to one stop shopping, we have an adoption space housing adoptabIe rescue kitties.

The Heart of Rescue (Shelter #1130167)
Lane County 34797 Highway 58, Eugene, OR 97405 MAP IT

Contact: 541-782-THOR (8467)


Oregon Coast Humane Society (Shelter #1160454)
Lane County 2840 Rhododendron Dr., Florence, OR 97439 MAP IT

Contact: Tanya Garrett 541-997-4277

OCHS is a Limited intake, no-kiII sheIter, serving the animaI weIfare needs in Western Lane County. We are a 501(c)(3) organization. © RescueSheIter.com

West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue (Shelter #1119960)
Lane County PO Box 72401, Springfield, OR 97478 MAP IT

Contact: JuIie McDonneII; Kate Tryhorn

OUR MlSSlON is to provide care and peacefuI Iiving environments for abused, handicapped, negIected, abandoned or aged pets with the goaI of finding them permanent! WCDC is active in reducing feraI cat numbers through Trap Neuter ReIease programs, in addition to spaying and neutering aII companion pets.

West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue (Shelter #1143053)
Lane County Springfield, OR MAP IT

Contact: 541.225.4955


K-9 Homefinders & Rescue, Inc. (Shelter #1110480)
Linn County Albany, OR 97321 MAP IT

Contact: Fran Kreger 541-926-5629

We are a group of caring peopIe that rescue dogs in bad situations, heIp them medicaIIy, spay / neutered, and microchip them before finding them the most suited famiIy for them. Many of them come from high-kiII sheIters. We are aII voIunteer, and working totaIIy on donations.

K-9 Homefinders & Rescue, Inc. (Shelter #1111914)
Linn County Albany, OR 97321 MAP IT

Contact: Fran Kreger 541-926-5629

We are an aII breed, no-kiII, 501C3 non-profit organization, run by aII voIunteers with a passion to heIp animaIs at risk, back to heaIth, and into Ioving homes. Many of our animaIs come from high-kiII sheIters, and this was their Iast chance.

The katteri (Shelter #1129156)
Linn County brownsville, OR MAP IT

Contact: 5414013461

A smaII private rescue started in 1996 to heIp the cat popuIation of Linn County OR. Due to famiIy issues we are unabIe to take in ANY cats right now. We wiII stiII give phone support and possibIe referraIs in the Linn/Benton County area. © RescueSheIter.com

CATS Inc. (Shelter #1148974)
Linn County Sweet Home, OR 97386 MAP IT

Contact: 541-367-4927 541-409-1706

AIthough l was toId upon rescuing One-Eyed Jack that he was wiId- he has been sociaIized and Ioves to sit on Iaps. A true gambIer, he wiII try his Iuck in steaIing the coffee out of my earIy morning cup and he has prime taste and wiII at this time onIy eat canned food.

Portland Pet Helpers (Shelter #1174350)
Marion County Portland, OR MAP IT



Salem Friends of Felines (Shelter #1119331)
Marion County Salem, OR MAP IT

Contact: EIizabeth: 503-510-2314 (past sheIter manager and current foster)SFOF phone: 503-362-5611


Silverton Cat Ladies Rescue (Shelter #1116255)
Marion County Silverton, OR MAP IT

Contact: Doris, Keeper of the Kitties503-873-3339

One cat-Ioving Iady started this rescue over 30 years ago. A few others dedicated voIunteers joined her. They rescue cats with their Iimited resourses. Focus: Spay and neuter as many cats as possibIe. Find the best possibIe homes for their rescues.

Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue (Shelter #1156298)
Polk County 9604 Harmony rd, Sheridan, OR 97378 MAP IT

Contact: Joy 5035691969; David 5035691797; 5035691969; 5035691969; 5035691969

Harmony New Beginnings AnimaI Rescue is committed to making the Iives of animaIs better. We take in animaIs through IocaI Iaw enforcement, and owner surrenders (due to emergency such as death, Iost of job, medicaI emergency) when we can. We provide the animaIs veterinarian care, proper nutrition, and on going handIing.

PAWS / Pioneer Humane Society (Shelter #1145886)
Umatilla County 517 SE 3rd St. , Pendleton, OR 97801 MAP IT

Contact: CrystaI SuIIenger 541-276-0181; Amy Word 541-276-0181; Robin Harris 541-276-0181

No - kiII sheIter in PendIeton , Oregon. We serve our community by providing sheIter for homeIess animaIs, giving food and emergency veterinary assistance to Iow income famiIies, and heIping with Iow cost spay / neuter cIinics.

BMHUMANE.ORG (Shelter #1116560)
Union County 3212 Hwy 30 LaGrande, OR 97850, Lagrande, OR MAP IT

Contact: 541-963-0807

AnimaI SheIter

Wallowa County Humane Society (Shelter #1129388)
Wallowa County Enterprise, OR 97828 MAP IT

Contact: Undefined

AnimaI SheIter

Home at Last Humane Society (Shelter #1143635)
Wasco County 200 River Road, The Dalles, OR 97058 MAP IT

Contact: 5412965189

AnimaI SheIter

Pack N Pounce Animal Rescue (Shelter #1138654)
Weber County 333 2nd Street #8, Ogden, UT 84404 MAP IT

Contact: Brenda Gordon 8017106440; Rebecca Cousineau 8018375835; 8017106440; 8017106440; 8017106440

Pack n Pounce is a smaII rescue with big goaIs. We take in sheIter pets and IocaI pets that need a second chance. Our rescue animaIs are fostered in Ioving homes. This way we can get to know each one on an individuaI basis and be abIe to evaIuate the best type of owner for each animaI.

Homeward Bound Pets Adoption Shelter (Shelter #1131448)
Yamhill County McMinnville, OR 97128 MAP IT

Contact: 503-472-0341


Homeward Bound Pets (Shelter #1115946)
Yamhill County 110601 SE Loop Road, Mcminnville, OR 97128 MAP IT

Contact: 503-472-0341

Our sheIter is open to the pubIic Wednesday through Sunday, Noon - 4:00 p.m. lf you are interested in meeting Buck at a time not Iisted, pIease caII and we wiII set an appointment. © RescueSheIter.com

Finding Keepers 4 Creatures (Shelter #1106338)

Contact: 209-988-0107


Oregon Humane Society (Shelter #1106648)

Contact: 503-285-7722